Bali as an investment real estate

More and more foreign investors and migrants are attracted to buy real estate in Bali. And this is not surprising, because this Paradise Island offers investors a decent passive income and pleasant conditions for living in the land of eternal summer. In addition, the purchase of real estate in Bali allows you to get a high yield from renting out apartments due to the endless influx of tourists to Indonesia. It is also worth noting that foreign investors who own real estate on the island of Bali, can apply for a residence permit or investor visa. In this article, we will look at the main features and benefits of real estate investment in Bali.

Profitability and prospects of real estate investment in Bali
Indonesia boasts a rapid pace of economic development. According to statistics, GDP growth has been at least 5% per year for half a century. Inflation is also kept at a moderate level: 5%, which is also below the average in Europe and the US.
Occupancy rates at properties also remain at a high level: 80-90%. The real estate market in Bali is gradually recovering from the pandemic. According to expert forecasts, passenger traffic will increase rapidly in the coming years. This is facilitated by the construction of the airport, new ports for cruise ships, Formula 1 track, Paramount Pictures park and other infrastructure facilities to attract tourists.
Foreign investors are also attracted by the loyalty of the local real estate market. Buying real estate in Bali in the shortest possible time can bring investors a decent return: at least 3-60%, and in some cases 100% for the construction period.
Considering the geography of the real estate market in Bali, we can conclude that the main activity is concentrated in the southern regions of the island. Historically, this is due to the construction of the first airport. The most built-up and densely populated areas are Kuta, Seminyak, Changgu, Ubud and Berawu. For example, the Changgu area is 97% built up, so it is almost impossible to find a free plot of land on the ocean. The best available option in this area is the second line, or even the depth of the island.

Benefits of investing in real estate in Bali
Buying real estate in Bali will bring the investor a profit even in the global crisis. According to statistics, the Indonesian economy is recovering rapidly due to the increase in tourist traffic.

For most foreign investors, Bali is open to visit on the basis of tourist, visitor or investor visa. In addition, the possibility of obtaining a residence permit is another additional argument for buying real estate in Bali.
Consider the main advantages of buying a home in Bali for passive income and a quick return on financial investment:
  • The average ROI (return on investment) is at least 35%. Thanks to this, your investment in real estate will definitely pay off in 5–7 years.
  • High demand for real estate in Bali, which confirms the active construction of new villas in vacant areas of the city;
  • Profitability of long-term rental apartments in popular tourist areas (Changgu, Uluwatu and Ubud). The level of annual growth in rental value reaches 15-20%.
  • The active emergence and popularization of foreign brands testifies to the popularity of Bali among investors and business people. These factors guarantee economic stability and infrastructure development throughout the island.
Summing up, we can say that the possibility of obtaining an investor visa is one of the main advantages of buying real estate in Bali. Thanks to these, buyers and his family members can get a residence permit for a period of 5 to 10 years.
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