The terrible earthquake in Turkey was a real shock to the world and took the lives of thousands of people. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent a natural disaster, but each of us needs to know the basic rules of safety.

The terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Syria killed thousands of people and caused immense destruction. The whole world is now faced with the question of how to protect themselves and be prepared for a natural disaster. We're telling you how to act during the earthquake, the basic rules, tips and whether the cataclysm threatens Ukraine directly.

As we know, an earthquake is the shocks and vibrations of the earth's surface transmitted over long distances. According to statistics, every year about 58 thousand earthquakes occur worldwide on average.

Unfortunately, today scientists can't say exactly where and when the next tremor will happen, so one should be as prepared as possible and not panic.

What to do during an earthquake ?

First of all, if you are on the 1-2 floors, you should quickly leave your house and move away from it to the open space.

But if you are above two stories, you need to :

- Leave the corner rooms and stand in the opening of the inner doors or in a corner of the room, as far away as possible from windows and heavy objects;
- Take cover underneath sturdy tables, near the main walls or pillars, and cover your head with your hands;
- leave the house when the first series of shocks is over;
- if possible - close water taps, turn off gas and electricity.
If there is no telephone nearby - call for help so that people outside hear that there are people in the room.


During an evacuation of your home, do not rush to the stairs or the elevator. Do not create a large crowd. You should leave the house quickly but carefully.
You should also watch out for debris, electrical wires, and other hazards, and stay away from tall structures, overpasses, bridges, and power lines.
You should not use a car during an earthquake. To be on the safe side, it is better to walk.

If you are in a vehicle at the time of the tremors. in a car at the time of the tremors:

- pull over, open the door;
- stay in your vehicle until the shaking stops;
- check if there are no victims nearby, notify rescuers and medics;
- if necessary, provide medical assistance.

In addition, if If you decide to evacuate your home when you know there is an earthquake nearby, do the following

- Cut off gas, water, and electricity.
- Take documents, a small supply of food, water, and medicine with you.
- When leaving, do not use the elevator, walk. Move quickly but carefully: with your back to the walls, especially when going down stairs.
- Help your elderly neighbors, people with disabilities, pregnant women and anyone else who cannot take care of themselves.
- find out through official channels of authority where the closest collection center to you is.

It should also be noted that one of the reasons for the terrible destruction of residential buildings in Turkey is the lack of earthquake resistance of houses.

Unfortunately, most of the houses that just crumbled before the eyes of the locals were not prepared and reinforced. New homes in earthquake-prone countries must be built to the appropriate standards in case of such cataclysms.

How to act during an earthquake: rules and tips

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