Turkey and Bali real estate as a way to gain financial independence

In today's world, many people consider real estate as an effective way to gain financial independence. Tourist regions such as Turkey and Bali are becoming particularly attractive destinations. In this article, we will look at why real estate investment in Bali and Turkey can be considered the key to financial independence through real estate investment.

Buying real estate in Bali and Turkey: how to choose a country for investment
The increase in demand for overseas real estate has been evident since the COVID-19 pandemic. Investors chose to buy housing in countries where the quarantine was not as severe as in Europe, and almost did not affect key business sectors.
The most popular investment destinations were Turkey, Indonesia, UAE and Thailand. This popularity is due to several factors.
  • The absence of mandatory indication of sources of income. Unlike the EU, where opening a bank account is impossible without proof of the origin of money, in the selected countries this process is simplified.
  • The possibility of payment in cash or cryptocurrency. Especially important, given the restrictions on payment via SWIFT and other restrictions from the NBU, this advantage is significant for Ukrainian investors.
  • Large rental yields, constant price growth and a significant tourist flow. At first glance, EU countries may look more reliable, but high taxes may make them suboptimal for investment.
  • Low real estate taxes. Another compelling advantage for investors.
Consider the specific advantages and differences of investing in real estate in these countries. This approach will allow you to make an informed choice and maximize your return on investment.

Buying real estate in Turkey and Bali for financial independence
Stable real estate market. Turkey and Bali have long attracted the attention of investors with their stable real estate market. The opportunity to buy a home in these regions and successfully rent it out provides a unique perspective for creating passive income.
Tourism attractiveness. Tourism is an important factor in the success of real estate investments. Turkey and Bali are destinations that attract millions of tourists every year due to their cultural attractions, beaches and unique atmosphere. This ensures a constant flow of potential tenants.
Variety of real estate. Both destinations provide a variety of real estate options - from cozy apartments to luxury villas. Investors can choose a property that suits their goals, budget and rental strategy.
Rental yields. Short-term rentals through platforms such as Airbnb offer the opportunity for high rental yields, especially during popular tourist seasons. Long-term rentals provide stability, which is especially valuable for investors seeking long-term financial independence.
Effective management. Professional property management can significantly improve investment results. Rental management, maintenance, and marketing services can help maximize a property's occupancy and ensure long-term success.
Legal transparency. In recent years, Turkey and Bali have taken steps to improve legal transparency and protect the rights of foreign investors. This creates a favorable environment for investment and builds confidence in the real estate market.
Resilience to crises. Historical experience shows that Turkey and Bali have demonstrated resilience to economic and financial crises. Investments in real estate in these regions can serve as a kind of "insurance policy" for the preservation of capital in times of instability.
Environmental sustainability. Modern investors are increasingly paying attention to environmental sustainability. Investments in real estate with "green" technologies and proximity to natural reserves may attract more interest.
Market potential. Research the upside potential for property values in your chosen neighborhood. Detailed analytics and projections can help you make an informed decision.
Long-term outlook. Investing in real estate is a long-term strategic decision. Consider the market outlook and growth opportunities for the years ahead.

Investing in real estate in Turkey: advantages and features
Buying real estate in Turkey is a lucrative opportunity to gain financial independence:
  • High resale returns. Turkey provides some of the highest resale profits in the world. The purchase of an apartment in an elite complex for 55 thousand euros and its subsequent sale in six months will significantly increase investment.
  • Low taxes. Developers in many areas provide benefits, showing up to 30% of the cadastral value, which significantly reduces the tax burden.
  • Affordability. You can invest already with 50 thousand euros in Mersin and 80 thousand euros in Alanya. Objects are sold with repairs and five-star infrastructure, including swimming pools, spas, gyms and playgrounds.
  • Savings compared to Europe. The cost of living here is one and a half to two times lower, which encourages many Europeans to choose Turkey as a new place of residence.
  • Ease of obtaining a residence permit. The purchase of real estate worth more than 70 thousand euros opens the way to a permanent residence permit. When investing more than 400 thousand euros, the country grants' citizenship.
It is important to choose the right forms of investment, whether it is the purchase of land before construction, participation in investment pools or wholesale purchase of apartment blocks. Turkey provides unique opportunities for a variety of real estate investments.

Investing in real estate in Bali: advantages and features
Buying real estate in Bali will help an investor gain financial independence due to the following advantages:
  • High rental income - up to 15-20%.
  • Year-round season. Temperatures are maintained between 25°C and 32°C, ensuring a constant demand for rentals.
  • Dynamic development and many prospects. Bali is home to 5 million people and the flow of tourists reaches 16 million per year. Indonesia plans to increase this figure to 30 million. The island was the site of the G-20 summit, and is currently being built, a Paramount Pictures theme park and Formula-1 circuit.
Buying apartments or villas, investing in land on your own or through investment funds is considered the best option. Due to the high demand for real estate, good properties at an attractive price may not be easy to find, but are possible.
Real estate investment in Turkey and Bali can be a successful source of income with the right approach. Start with careful analysis, choosing the right location and portfolio diversity. Employ effective management strategies and stay abreast of regulatory changes. Adhere to sustainable and environmental standards to appeal to today's investors. With constant market monitoring and adapting to changes, you can maximize returns and increase the value of your properties over the long term.
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