Life in Turkey: pros and cons

Moving to Turkey for permanent residence of residents of many countries. And there are many good reasons for this. This resort country boasts a favorable climate, picturesque nature, high-quality medicine and affordable cost of living. Based on all these advantages, many foreigners even decide to buy real estate in Turkey.
But, like any other country, the Republic of Turkey has its disadvantages. Therefore, before making such a responsible decision to move, be sure to analyze all aspects of life in this country, study the local legislation, familiarize yourself with the mentality of the locals and the peculiarities of obtaining a residence permit. In our article, you can read detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of living in Turkey.

Pros of living in Turkey
Let's consider the main advantages of living in the Republic of Turkey, which clearly prevail over the disadvantages:
  1. Comfortable climate. Turkey is an ideal place of residence for fans of heat and sun. The average temperature reaches +29°C in summer and +15°C in winter. In addition, the country boasts a clear azure sea, beautiful beaches, a long bathing season and excellent ecology.
  2. Friendly locals. Turks have their own unusual and colorful mentality. The local population from childhood is instilled with respect for elders, love for children, the value of family and friendliness to guests. Turks are open to absolutely everyone, they are patient with representatives of other nationality, faith or race. The development of tourism infrastructure has turned Turkish society into a multinational society, so there is a positive attitude towards foreign citizens who want to move to Turkey for permanent residence.
  3. Affordable medicine and quality education. Medical services in the Republic of Turkey are of high quality and relatively inexpensive. The state government invests heavily in the health care system. The cost of medicines in Turkey is low, especially locally produced medicines. The range of available services will depend on the coverage of the insurance policy. If you have a residence permit, you will be able to give your child to a free kindergarten and school. In addition, there are over 200 institutions of higher education in the country.
  4. Affordable cost of living. Taking into account the cost of food and non-food products, you can live in Turkey inexpensively and decently. Quality and organic Turkish food from local farmers is popular all over the world. Also, excellent value for money has Turkish clothes, dishes, furniture. Many foreigners come to this country during sales to buy many products at low prices.
  5. Favorable prices for real estate. Buying real estate in Turkey is a very profitable investment tool. There are many offers available on the market at reasonable prices. In Turkey, you can buy various residential properties: apartments, apartments, apartments, penthouses, luxury villas and much more.
Minuses of living in Turkey
In addition to numerous advantages, immigration to the Republic of Turkey can have its disadvantages. Let's consider them in detail:
  1. Language barrier. There may be difficulties in communicating with locals, as many of them do not know English. But in resort towns the staff of stores, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons and other establishments speak Russian. To move to the Republic of Turkey for permanent residence, it is very important to study the national language for quick integration into society.
  2. Expensive fuel and complicated transportation. Owning a vehicle in Turkey is extremely expensive. But it is also unprofitable to bring your own car. A vehicle with foreign license plates can stay on the territory of the Republic of Turkey for no more than 2 years, after which it must be customs clearance. The price of this procedure can reach from 50% to 100% of the cost of the car. Fuel here is also extremely expensive due to high taxes. Another significant disadvantage is a complete lack of driving culture on the roads due to the emotionality and impatience of locals.
  3. Difficulty in finding a job. Foreigners who do not speak Turkish or do not have a sought-after profession will find it extremely difficult to find work in this country. The primacy of employment is fixed for the citizens of Turkey at the legislative level. Obtaining a residence permit does not give the right to official employment. Most often, foreigners without language skills work in the tourism industry, restaurants, beauty salons, real estate companies and so on.
Summarizing, we can conclude that life in Turkey has its pros and cons, and the decision to live here depends on your personal preferences and circumstances. Before making a final decision, it is important to carefully weigh all aspects of life in this amazing country and consult with the relevant experts to make an informed choice.

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