Turkey can surprise expats with fairly reasonable prices. The cost of living in the country varies depending on the region. The most expensive to live in major cities and business centers. However, Istanbul, although recognized as the most expensive city in Turkey, is much cheaper than London or New York.

Choosing to live in Turkey, you can really save some money, because the state has a warm climate and always fresh products. UzFamily of 2 people in Turkey should count on a budget of 10 000 - 15 000 lira (500-750 €) per month.

Rent and utilities

The largest item of expenditure will be renting a house. If you plan to rent a house on the Aegean or Mediterranean Sea, you should count on the amount of 4000 to 6000 Turkish liras per month (200-330 €) for a two-bedroom apartment.

In Istanbul, a one-bedroom apartment in the outskirts of the city costs from 3500 liras (180 €). The closer to the center, the higher the prices. For an apartment in the heart of Istanbul, you can pay as much as 100,000 liras (5,200€) a month.

Monthly utilities include electricity, water, gas, telephone, Internet and TV, at an average cost of 1,250 liras (65€).

Compared with other countries, Internet and mobile communications are quite cheap, respectively 265 liras (14 €) and 50 liras (2 €) per month.

Prices for food in Turkey

Food in Turkey is usually fresh and reasonably priced. You can buy them in local supermarkets or markets. A meal budget for a family of 2 adults is 2800 lira (145€) per month.

Mutton and veal in Turkey are expensive, from 120 to 150 lira per kilo (6-8 €), the most popular is chicken - 70 lira (3,5 €) per kg. Vegetables and fruits - 10 to 20 liras (0,5-1 €) per kg.

The cost of travel

Public transportation in Turkey is represented by streetcars, buses, subways and ferries. A monthly pass in Istanbul costs 602 lira (31€).

Many Turks prefer cars. However, their driving style has some peculiarities. Drivers are very restless, so it can be difficult for young car owners in Turkey.

The cost of 1L of fuel is 22 lira (1.1€). Car maintenance and insurance 1250 lira (65 €) a month.

The good news for Ukrainian drivers is that in Turkey you no longer need to exchange a Ukrainian driver's license.

Entertainment in Turkey

Lunch in a budget restaurant or fast-food place costs about 40 lira (about 2 €) per person. Dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant costs 300 liras (15 €).
Tea, coffee and dessert at a cafe three times a week - 350 liras (18 €).
Alcohol taxes are very high in Turkey, a glass of beer will cost you 70 lira (about 4 €), a bottle of wine 150 lira (8 €).
Fitness subscription 380 lira (20 €) a month.
A movie theater ticket is 58 liras (3 €).

Medical services

Medical care in Turkey is of high quality, doctors work according to European standards.
Compulsory. Payment per month to a state insurance agency is 580 lira (30 €). A consultation with a doctor costs 150 liras (8€).

The cost of living in Turkey: monthly expenses, rent, transportation, food

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