Real estate in Turkey is an excellent investment that brings good returns to owners. The increase in tourists and emigrants seeking more comfortable living conditions creates a demand for Turkish apartments for rent. This in turn creates a good opportunity for real estate owners to earn on their apartments and get a stable income. In order for your investment to maximize returns, there are several key factors to consider.

In this article, we will look at strategies that will help maximize your Turkish real estate returns.

1. Choosing the right location

In order to maximize your investment's capital appreciation and attractiveness to potential tenants or buyers, it is important to consider several key factors. Choosing the right area to purchase a property is crucial in this matter.

Cities and resort areas such as Istanbul, Ankara, and popular tourist destinations such as Antalya and Bodrum attract many tourists and expats all year round, which creates a constant demand for rental properties.

It is also important to choose an area with good transport accessibility and developed infrastructure. The presence of nearby schools, hospitals, stores and entertainment centers significantly increases the attractiveness of the property.

Well-developed infrastructure and convenient transportation links contribute to comfortable living and ease of movement, which is a key factor for tenants and buyers.

Most investors often prefer developed areas of Istanbul and Antalya, as such locations have prestige and numerous advantages. Developed infrastructure, high level of security and access to a variety of entertainment make these areas particularly attractive.

High prices for real estate in prestigious areas are compensated by the possibility of obtaining a higher return on rent or resale in the future. Steady real estate price appreciation in these locations provides the certainty of capital preservation and appreciation over the long term.

2. Іvesting in quality construction and renovations

Choosing reliable builders who use quality materials and modern technology significantly reduces the risk of operational problems and increases the value of the home. Quality construction is a guarantee of long-term stability and attractiveness of the object.

Modern and quality repairs, as well as aesthetic and functional furnishings, make your property more attractive to buyers. It is important to pay attention to convenience and aesthetics, as it directly affects the desirability of your property for potential tenants. Well-furnished apartments provide a comfortable living experience, which in turn increases demand and allows for higher rents.

Modern apartment complexes in Turkey often have their own infrastructure, which adds significant value to the accommodation. Differences in price between apartments with minimal infrastructure and apartments in fully equipped complexes are obvious. The latter are usually more expensive, but this is due to the high level of comfort and a wide range of services such as swimming pool, spa center, fitness room and other amenities.

The choice of well-appointed apartments with developed infrastructure provides not only comfort of living, but also high profitability in the future. Such properties attract more solvent tenants and buyers, which guarantees a stable income and the possibility of increasing the value of the property over time.

3. Property management

Choosing a professional property management company is an important step for effective property management. Such companies handle all aspects of leasing and maintenance, from finding tenants to solving technical problems. This greatly reduces your workload and allows you to focus on other aspects of your investment activities.

Professional management ensures that all rental and maintenance issues that arise are dealt with promptly. Regular maintenance not only keeps the property in good condition, but also ensures tenant satisfaction. Satisfied tenants tend to stay for longer periods of time, which reduces the risk of downtime and loss of income.

Choosing a reliable management company makes property management easier, reduces your worries and maximizes your returns. Quality service and sound management ensures long-term stability and growth in the value of your property, making the investment more profitable and secure.

4. Rental property income

Proper marketing and rental real estate requires a clear understanding of your target audience. Determine who your property is targeting - tourists, expats, students or locals - and strategize around their needs and preferences.

Short-term rentals

To generate income from properties in Turkey, owners often use short-term rentals, especially during the tourist season. During this period, owners rent out their homes for short periods of time, providing them with furniture and all necessary household items such as towels, dishes and linens.

As of January 1, 2024, a law came into force in Turkey, according to which only persons with a license to conduct this activity can rent out property for short-term rent. All tenants must be registered in the state system, to which only legal entities have access. Because of this, most owners turn to real estate agencies, which take care of all the issues of accommodation, eviction of tenants and their official registration.

Real estate agencies receive a password from the police, register with the tax office and file monthly reports, even if there were no tenants in a given month. Each new tenant must be registered with the police, and when evicted, an invoice must be issued and taxes and VAT on the rent must be paid.

The income from short-term rentals through an agency is 8-10% per annum, and in the high season apartments are rented out almost constantly, which allows you to get a profit that exceeds the income from long-term rentals.

Long-term rent

To generate income from real estate in Turkey, it is possible to rent housing for a long period. Law 2024 allows foreign owners to legally earn money on their apartments by renting them out on a long-term basis. This option is preferred by owners who do not want to constantly prepare housing for new tenants, or if their property is located in large business centers.

Long-term rentals can be done without furniture and appliances, as most tenants bring their own furniture and install appliances. Tenants are committed to paying for utilities. The advantages of this type of rental include a steady monthly income, no need to furnish the apartment, and less risk of property damage. The disadvantages are lower rent and no possibility to use the apartment yourself.

Long-term rental income in Turkey is 6-8% per annum. Owners can independently rent housing on the basis of a contract notarized by a notary, which allows residents to obtain a residence permit, indicating the address of the rented apartment.

Resale of apartments

Another option for earning money from your own real estate is the resale of apartments.

Most investors choose to buy an apartment at the initial stage of construction, with the opportunity to resell the finished apartment later.

Buying apartments at the initial stage of construction, you can count on the most favorable prices. In addition, you can initially choose the best floor, layout, view from the window of your own future home.

If you do not want to wait for the end of construction - you can buy an apartment in a ready-made real estate object.

In this case, interested parties can invest from $ 400,000 in business class apartments, which meets the requirements of the program for obtaining a Turkish passport. During the waiting period before the sale of real estate can also receive a stable rental income.

Maximizing the profitability of Turkish real estate requires a comprehensive approach. Choosing the right location, quality construction and renovation, effective management, proper marketing and financial planning are all key elements of a successful strategy. By following these recommendations, you can not only ensure a stable income from your property, but also increase its value in the long term.

How to maximize the return on your Turkish property

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