Quite often, foreign couples living in Turkey need to change their marital status. All foreigners living in the country legally can register a marriage or divorce in Turkey. The rules of marriage and divorce procedures for non-residents do not differ from the general laws approved in Turkey. A list of documents and more details about each of the procedures follows.

How can foreigners get married in Turkey?
According to the Civil Code of the Republic of Türkiye, a foreigner can marry in Turkey, both with a citizen of Turkey and with a citizen of another state.
To get married in Turkey, you need to collect the necessary package of documents, set a date at the registration service (evlendırme memurluğu) and come to the ceremony with two witnesses.
If the bride and groom are citizens of the same country, they can get married in their country's consulate or in the Turkish Marriage Registration Service (evlendırme memurluğu). In the event that the newlyweds are from different countries, the marriage can only be concluded in the Turkish registration service (evlendırme memurluğu).

Advantages of marriage registration in Türkiye
Registering a marriage in Turkey has many advantages: the procedure is relatively simple and fast, the marriage is legally valid all over the world, there is no need to issue a permanent residence in Turkey before the wedding, the bride and groom can be citizens of different countries. And another important advantage is that Turkey is a beautiful country, so it will be quite easy to find a good place for a wedding ceremony or photo shoot here.
Step-by-step instructions for registering a marriage in Turkey
To register a marriage, foreigners must be in Turkey on legal grounds: if the couple resides in Turkey on the basis of a visa, the marriage must be concluded before the visa expires. In the presence of the permanent residence of Türkiye, it is necessary to make sure that its term has not yet passed.

1. Prepare the necessary package of documents:
• Passport.
• The certificate of marital status is drawn up at the consulate of the country of origin and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey.
• Birth certificate of the bride and groom with apostille.
• Notarized translation of foreign passports, birth certificates and certificates of marital status.
• Photos 4.5x6 cm, not biometric - 6 pieces.
• A certificate with an apostille confirming the change of data (for those who previously changed their surname or first name).

2. Go through a medical examination and get a medical report on the state of health (sağlık raporu) - this procedure applies to both foreigners and citizens of the country. List of tests: X-ray of lungs, general blood test with detection of blood group and Rhesus factor, test for the presence of Mediterranean anemia, test for hepatitis, syphilis, AIDS, genetic test for spinal muscular atrophy, test for some infectious diseases and STDs, if partners or one of the partners over the age of 60 may also require a doctor's opinion on mental health.
An obstacle to the wedding can be the presence of one of the diseases: syphilis, leprosy, gonorrhea, mild chancre and tuberculosis.

3. Apply to the local marriage registration office (evlendirme memurluğu) and choose a date.
If the newlyweds do not know Turkish or do not speak it well, an interpreter must be present at the application stage and at the wedding ceremony itself.
Importantly! Türkiye has a law that requires a woman to wait 300 days after a divorce before she can remarry. If there is no waiting period in the bride's country of origin, then you are not obliged to fulfill this condition before the wedding in Turkey. However, employees in Turkish marriage registration services tend to follow this rule. Therefore, before submitting the documents, the bride must be informed about this law and know her rights.
A local team of experienced lawyers will help you deal with all the intricacies of family law in Turkey. A package of documents for marriage, passing a medical examination, preparing documents for divorce - order a legal consultation and solve all the formalities with ease.

Divorce according to the laws of Türkiye
Foreigners who have decided to divorce should know that two types of divorce processes have been developed in Turkey: divorce by mutual consent and divorce without agreement.

• Divorce by mutual consent is a simple and quick way to end a marriage. However, it is possible only if the spouses have decided to divorce peacefully, having previously discussed all the conditions. The parties conclude an agreement on the division of property and determine the amount of compensation and alimony payments. Then they turn to the family court at their place of residence. The court can adjust the terms of the protocol if it limits someone's rights. The divorce process is completed in one session.
• Divorce without agreement - the divorce process is initiated by one of the spouses, and the other receives notification. Grounds for divorce: adultery, physical and moral violence, mental disorder of one of the spouses, crime committed by one of the spouses, alcohol and drug addiction, immoral lifestyle, irreconcilable differences. The process can be complex and long, usually the duration of the process is 2-3 years or more. For registration, one of the parties writes a statement with all claims and arguments, after which a court is appointed. The entire divorce procedure is conducted through court hearings.

Marriage and divorce in Turkey: laws and regulations for foreigners

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