Turkey is one of the most popular countries for Ukrainian refugees. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, 220,000 Ukrainian citizens have left for this country. At the moment, their number has decreased, but some of the Ukrainians are still in this country and need to find a job. We tell you where to find vacancies and how to get a job in Turkey.

It is worth noting that in Turkey, the legislation provides for a number of professions that foreigners can not occupy. These include lawyers, notaries, judges, prosecutors, security guards, customs brokers, nurses/midwives, pharmacists/opticians, dentists/veterinarians, managers of clinics and travel agencies.

More than 55% of workers in the country are employed in services, another 27% in industry, and agriculture accounts for about 17.7%. In general, the most popular occupations in Turkey are cleaners, waitresses, maids, dancers, animators, tour guides, bartenders and masseurs.

Also in demand in Turkey:
- accountants;
- engineers;
- managers;
- interpreters;
- foreign language teachers;
- programmers;
- salespeople;
- builders;
- workers in the tourism industry.

How to get a job in Turkey and what is the salary?

According to the Turkish legislation, in order to get a job a foreigner must meet several prerequisites:

- find a vacancy in advance;
- To sign an employment contract;
- Obtain a Turkish work visa.

For illegal employment in Turkey provides for deportation and fines, which will soon rise to almost 36 thousand lira.

According to the Ministry of Labor of the country, in 2022 the minimum wage in Turkey was about 350 dollars, the average - about $ 850 (already minus taxes).

Where to find a job in Turkey?
To find a job on your own, you can use special sites. There are several of them:

- secretcv.com;
- flagma.biz;
- yenibiris.com;
- kariyer.net;
- careerjet.com.tr;
- isbul.net.

In addition, our company is currently in search of employees, namely:

- accountant (s/n - $500);
- Lawyer (salary - $ 500-750).

Details about the vacancies can be found by calling +905531126331 (Olga) or go to the registration form below.

Employment in Turkey: popular jobs, how to get a job and where to look for one

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